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Why repair ?

Repair yourself

It's inevitable, things break !

You drop your iPhone, you forget it's in your pocket and you jump into the water, you fall with your iPhone in your hands, or simply the screen has too many scratches by being used too much… Breakage and wear are normal things, but throwing away a working device isn't ! Our goal here is to supply anything you need to repair yourself your broken or damaged devices thanks to the wide range of spare parts and repair kits we have. Just follow our repair guides.

Everyday, we help thousands of people repair their devices. Every time you repair a broken device instead of replacing it, you save money and you protect our planet.

Why repair yourself ?

For 3 simple reasons :

  • First is, by repairing it yourself, you save up money.
  • Second, thanks to our repair guides, it is very easy.
  • Third, by repairing rather than throwing again, you protect the planet.

iPhone 6 opened

Can anyone repair anything ?/h2>

That's our goal.

Our mission is to make repair available and simple for as many people as possible. We want to show the world how to repair anything, smartphone, tablet, video game console or even a Mac. The easier it is, the more people will do it !

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