iMac 21,5" Mi 2010

The iMac 21.5 "Mi 2010 still offers an innovative design where all the components are in its beautiful screen of 21.5" taking advantage of 4 GB of RAM expandable up to 16 GB to increase its capabilities. It also ships an Intel Core i3 3...

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....06 GHz or 3.2 Ghz processor according to your needs. Silent, powerful and elegant, it has seduced many users. You can expand capabilities, solve small problems with our high-quality repair kits and spare parts to upgrade your 21.5 "iMac to replace a blind webcam, mute mic or WiFi. You will not have to ruin yourself by going through the manufacturer doing the repair yourself thanks to Models: MC509XX / A, MC508XX / A / iMac11,2

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