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Your Galaxy S9 battery no longer holds the charge and discharges at high speed V during the day? You have to take your Samsung charger everywhere with you for fear of lack of autonomy? Are you constantly looking for a plug to recharge your S9 by ...

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...a few percentages before heading back to new adventures? The battery totally refuses to charge or overheat? She's swollen? In addition to the obvious use of your phone, a battery that overheats or swells can cause damage to other components, such as pushing the screen out of the chassis. So this is not a problem to be taken lightly but you have appealed to the right people since SOSav is here to help you in this event!

Our technicians have selected the best Galaxy S9 batteries on the market to help you. You will not have to worry about being disconnected from the world after a few hours away from home! But how to change my S9 battery? By following the SOSav repair guides of course! We not only provide quality Galaxy S9 parts, but also professional advice to help you get started with smartphone repairs. You may need to be reassured before taking the plunge and understand that repairing your Galaxy S9 is within everyone's reach, unlike the urban legend!

Why change your S9 battery yourself? First, to achieve significant savings! Repairing your phone yourself is two to three times cheaper than going through a professional or service builder, knowing that you keep your mobile throughout the operation. He is not immobilized for several days! The super bonus in Galaxy S9 repair? The benefit for the planet! Whenever you repair a broken down device instead of throwing it away, you avoid creating extra and unnecessary e-waste, so you preserve our environment a little and do not fall into the trap of obsolescence programmed.

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