... capricious ... In short, you want to replace your Galaxy S9 + screen as soon as possible to leave behind these bad memories but you do not know how to do it? At SOSav, we know that screen-breaking is the number one cause of smartphone repair since it's probably the most sensitive and problem-prone item on a phone.

That's why our experts have selected quality or official Galaxy S9 + screens to allow you to forget all these small inconveniences. Complete S9 + screens where the LCD panel is already assembled at the factory to the touch screen for easy installation. And SOSav not only provides you with quality S9 + screens, our experts will accompany you throughout your repair process. In order to push you and convince you to repair your mobile yourself, our technicians have prepared illustrated and commented repair guides. All stages of disassembly are explained in detail to carry out this screen replacement yourself.

Why repair your Galaxy S9 + yourself? Already to achieve significant savings compared to the intervention of a professional or the service contractor where the broken screen S9 + is generally not taken into account. Your smartphone is not immobilized several days the time of the repair since you do it quietly at home! In addition to the economic aspect, there is the ecological aspect since repairing the S9 + instead of throwing it away or giving it up at the slightest little boo, is a gesture for the planet. Yes, repair your smartphone is also avoid the creation of e-waste! You have all the keys in hand to take action, it's time to acquire the right reflexes for the environment and your wallet.

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