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The buttons on your Galaxy S6 do not respond anymore? Can not turn on or turn off your phone? Volume can not be managed with the buttons? The problem does not come from the buttons themselves but Galaxy S6 tablecloths that are probably worn or da...

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...maged? They may have been cut during improper handling, have undergone oxidation after the phone has been exposed to moisture or water ... In short, it is these Galaxy S6 tablecloths that allow activate the buttons and transmit the information to the motherboard. They also have a connecting role between different components within your phone, a vital role therefore. SOSav therefore offers quality Galaxy S6 tablecloths to solve all your troubles. And to accompany you in your repair S6, our technicians have produced complete guides illustrated and commented to explain all the maneuvers to follow to bring your phone back to life. Knowing that repairing your S6 is two to three times cheaper than going through a professional!

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