...not go out without taking your Samsung charger with you? Does the battery overheat abnormally when you are not using your phone? Your Galaxy S6 battery has inflated and threatens to dislodge your screen from its chassis? We must act before it is too late and the screen does not crack! You are in the right place for this since the experts of SOSav have struggled to find the best S6 batteries on the market to allow you to regain your freedom. How to change my S6 battery? We anticipate your question by producing illustrated and commented repair guides to show you all the steps you need to take to change your HS battery yourself. An important saving compared to the purchase of a new mobile or the intervention of a repairer pro. But that's not all since you are also doing something for the environment by not throwing a still functional phone! So you have all the keys in hand to give a second wind to your Galaxy S6, you play;)

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