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Your Galaxy S6 has been with you for a number of years now and you will not give up on it for a simple broken screen? You are quite right ! And if the scratches prevent you from admiring your Galaxy S6 screen, the touch does not react properly or...

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... if the colors are abnormal, you are at the right place. Worse, your S6 screen remains permanently black, no longer allowing you to use your smartphone while you hear it ring, vibrate and react? Do not panic because SOS is the S6 repair solution you need. Our technicians have gone around the world to find the best Galaxy S6 screens in the world, even officials, to give color to your phone. Need a white S6 screen? Black? Another color? We have all models in this section to forget all the small accidents that may have happened to your phone. Then comes the famous question, how to change my Galaxy S6 screen? By following the SOSav repair guides! Our experts detail you from A to Z all the steps to replace this broken screen through illustrations and comments from our technicians. You have all the keys in hand to find a phone like new. Repairing your Galaxy S6 yourself will save you a lot of money when compared to a professional intervention or a visit by a manufacturer's service representative. But it also allows you to extend the life of your S6 since you do not discard a still functional phone. And you know what ? Repair rather than throw is a gesture for the planet since you do not create additional e-waste.

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