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Your Galaxy S6 Edge has a life as hectic as yours and its broken screen is the proof? You need to look for the display of your S6 Edge screen under these (too) many scratches? Are the colors too dark or overexposed, preventing you from properly n...

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...avigating your apps? By the way, the touch of your S6 Edge screen does not react at all or only on a small area? A line of colors appeared and you do not see more than that ... In short, you are looking for a new screen S6 Edge to remedy all these small problems that no longer allow you to use your smartphone normally. And you have come to the right place for that! SOSav experts have gone to all corners of the world to find quality Galaxy S6 Edge screens, even official! Whatever the colors of your S6 Edge, we have the screen you need to give color to your mobile. And to help you in your Galaxy S6 Edge screen change, our technicians have produced illustrated and commented repair guides. You will know how to change this broken S6 Edge screen yourself without calling a professional. You will save money on the intervention of a professional, but you will also make a gesture for the environment by not throwing your phone for a simple broken screen! Repair his S6 Edge, so it's a good plan for your wallet but also for the planet!

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