iMac Fin 2012 (EMC 2546)

Discover all our accessories, spare parts and repair kits for late 2012 iMac EMC 2546 models with a 2.9 & 3.2 GHz Core i5 or 3.4 Ghz Core i7 processor. They stand out from their elders through increased power and an even more impressive smoot...

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...hness through an ever more neat design. In order to remedy any problems in use, you will find something to add RAM, change a hard disk too slow or a striped screen, via high quality parts equivalent to the original, selected with care by our technicians. Repair kits are there to equip you as well as accessories to bring your iMac back to life. Also, you will be able to rely on our complete guides which will accompany you in the steps of disassembly and assembly which will facilitate you the work. Models: MD096XX / A, MD095XX / A / iMac13,2

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