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The power button on your iPhone 8 stops responding? Can not turn up or down the sound? The charging connector no longer recognizes the lightning cable? The common point between all these pieces is that they are all iPhone 8 tablecloths! They play...

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... a vital role in the proper functioning of your iPhone. For the buttons, it is the iPhone 8 tablecloths that recreate the pressure effect when click and transmit information to the motherboard to turn on, turn off or even manage the volume! The charging connector is a ribbon that connects the USB cable, battery, and motherboard so that the iPhone can turn on. In short, there are many iPhone 8 tablecloths and you will find them all in this section to remedy the small problems that can meet your smartphone. Follow the advice of SOSav technicians to find that repairing your iPhone yourself is quite possible and is cheaper than going through a professional!

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