MacBook Air 11" Début 2015 (A1465- EMC 2924)

Fan of your MacBook Air 11 "Early 2015 A1465 with its ultra compact and lightweight design to lug around with you? If you like to stay connected wherever you go and show your work projects on the move, it is possible that a small accident ha...

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...s happened to your computer, but if you do not want to abandon it and if the performance of its Intel Core i5 dual-core processor still suits you perfectly, you will find all the MacBook Air 11 spare parts "Early 2015 A1465 that you must to give life back to your computer. Whether replacing a broken screen, a battery that no longer charges or to change the touchpad, you are in the right place. SOSav's experts have selected the best MacBook Air 11 "parts in early 2015 A1465 to allow you to repair your computer yourself for two to three times cheaper than going through a professional.

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