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Your tablet shows signs of weakness that bother you greatly in its daily use? The home button does not respond anymore? Can not manage the volume? The vibrator does not engage anymore? SOSav flies to your rescue by proposing tablecloths iPad 4 th...

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items will solve all your little worries! The webs are used to link between certain components and the motherboard, they are particularly essential for the operation of the various buttons of the tablet. The iPad 4 tablecloths slide under the plastic buttons to recreate the pressure effect when you press it and then transmit the information to the motherboard to trigger the desired action. In short, these are essential elements within your iPad, so you will find everything you need in this section. Not to mention our illustrated and commented repair guides that reveal all the manipulations to be done to repair your iPad 4 yourself at a lower cost!

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