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Your tablet is both a tool for work and relaxation and it follows you in many of your travels? It may have happened misfortune to your iPad 4 screen over time, because it is the room that is most affected by the breakage and breakdown. So if your...

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... iPad encounters display problems, touch problems or the screen is simply broken, then you are in the right place to remedy all your worries! SOSav experts have selected the best iPad 4 screens on the market to meet all your requirements. Whether you need a white screen or a black screen, you'll have everything you need to restore color to your tablet and extend its life. In addition, our technicians have produced illustrated repair guides and commented to explain all the manipulations to achieve to change the iPad 4 yourself instead of abandoning or throw a tablet still functional! You do not participate in the creation of e-waste and you realize significant savings since repairing your iPad 4 itself is up to three times cheaper than going through a professional.

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