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Despite the passing years, you have remained faithful to your iPad and you do not want to abandon it for a simple broken screen? So if the screen does not display anything, if touch does not react at all or on a specific area or for any other scr...

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...een concerns, then you are in the right place! SOSav has unearthed the best iPad Air screens market to restore color to your tablet. You will have the choice between the white screen or the black screen depending on the color of your iPad so you do not notice the change and forget all the little worries encountered so far. Moreover, you can count on our technicians to explain how to replace this iPad Air screen yourself through our illustrated and commented repair guides. As SOSav, it is not quality iPad Air spare parts, it is also accurate advice to make you discover that the repair is accessible to all and is up to three times cheaper than going through a professional. An economical and ecological solution since you do not throw a tablet still functional!

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