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Have you noticed how your iPhone 7 Plus has been acting more and more strangely lately? The buttons are no longer responding and some sensors behave like they’re on holiday...

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...s half the time? Look! There’s no reason to be cranky. We, at SOSav, have selected all the iPhone 7 Plus flex cables you need to solve your issues. The iPhone 7 Plus flex cables have an essential role in the smooth running of your smartphone since they are slipped beneath the buttons to make contact and allow you to click and send the information to the motherboard. They also connect various components to the motherboard such as the charging connector or the proximity sensor for example. In short if your iPhone 7 Plus is misbehaving or has attitudes you will find everything you need in this section to put him straight. And keep in mind that our experts have prepared free repair guides to take you through every single step of the repairing process. Who’s gonna be happy? Your iPhone 7 Plus (and you)!

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