Lumia 925

Optimally hand-held with its 4.5 "display for a clear, colorful display, the Nokia Lumia 925 has been a must-have in your life with a PureView camera of 8 , 7 MP to immortalize, it combines versatility and performance especially as its touch...

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... screen can be used even with gloves, so if he never leaves you, take care of him by browsing our categories.If his screen is broken Whether the WiFi is no longer detected or the camera does not take good pictures, it is no longer a must! SoSav offers quality spare parts, tested by our technicians in France to ensure their good You will also find repair kits where the parts are accompanied by practical tools for mounting, and accessories are available to protect and exploit all the possibilities of your smartphone. your Lumia 925 instead of experiencing the small problems of everyday life, for troubleshooting that will be up to three times cheaper than calling a professional. Especially since you can consult our complete guides to guide you and accompany you at every step of the dismantling.

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