Lumia 900

It fits perfectly and can illustrate your everyday life through its 8MP camera delivering quality shots, the Nokia Lumia 900 is equipped with a 4.3 "screen for clear display and precise navigation. Phone takes advantage of the practical inte...

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...rface with tiles for direct access to your applications all with a good autonomy, so if it has seduced you, take care of it! If its shell is cracked, the touch does not respond or that it no longer captures the WiFi, do not wait any longer to explore our section of spare parts, selected and tested by our technicians in France to ensure their smooth operation.You will find everything you need to give it a second life, especially as you also have repair kits including more practical tools for disassembly.Visit our selection of quality accessories to protect and exploit all its capabilities. swimming that can come back to you two to three times cheaper than going through a professional, with the personal satisfaction of having it refurbished alone! So do not hesitate to try the experience with the boost of SoSav.

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