Lumia 800

Its compact size with its 3.7 "screen gives it an ultra nomadic side that allows it to accompany you wherever you go with great autonomy to hold the whole day.With an 8MP camera, you will be able to illustrate your daily life while remaining...

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... reachable, so if its colorful design has seduced you, take care of it if problems arise over time, be it a broken screen, a faulty microphone or a mute speaker, you Find quality spare parts, selected and tested by our technicians in France to ensure they are in good working order.Also discover our repair kits including parts and tools to perform the repair or our accessories to exploit all the capabilities of your smartphone - get started in the home repair with SoSav to refurbish your Lumia 800 to a very small size, if you make it v Overself, it will be up to three times cheaper on average than going through a professional. You can also consult our complete and illustrated repair guides to accompany you at every step of the dismantling.

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