Lumia 610

Ultra-compact, this Nokia Lumia 610 asserts its nomadic side through its 3.7 "screen offering a clear and colorful display to stay connected throughout the day, thanks in particular to its long battery life.This Windows Phone benefits from t...

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...he famous Tiled interface for intuitive navigation with a 5MP camera to illustrate all your activities Take care of it if it is faithful to you everyday, not staying with a broken screen, a defective button or a speaker Discover our spare parts section, tested by our technicians, to find what you need and put it back in. You can also opt for our repair kits including these parts with the necessary tools. Finally, find our quality accessories to protect and fully enjoy all its features.With SoSav, you will not have to hesitate in repairing your smartphone to give it a second youth at a cost two to three times lower than to call a professional!

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