Lumia 520

The Nokia Lumia 520 has a 4 "screen that fits perfectly in your hand, including a 5MP camera to immortalize all your activities.Its clear display running Windows makes it easy to navigate through its tile system, amplified by a ultra reactiv...

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...e touch, working even with gloves.Equiring and enduring, he will become a faithful companion every day, plus he sports a colorful design to fit your desires.So if he encounters some problems, think of him offer a small facelift to regain its former elegance by discovering our quality spare parts, to remedy a broken screen, a mute speaker or a battery that no longer holds the charge.You can also see our choice of kits repairing parts and tools to perform the repair, or our accessories to take advantage of all its possibilities. up to three times cheaper than hiring a professional, with the personal satisfaction of refurbishing it alone! So do not hesitate to get started in the repair with SoSav.

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