Huawei Y6 (2018)

You bought your Huawei Y6 2018, unfortunately, you must perform the repair of your Huawei Y6 (2017), know that at SOSav we always have the spare parts Huawei it takes!

All our components are of the same quality as the originals (and are som...

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...etimes themselves originals). Because, you would like to keep a battery of this quality there for a long time, which is normal! Thus, if your Huawei Y6 battery is broken, we will have the perfect room to meet your needs! Repairing your Huawei will always be easier with SOSav, at least you'll know that Huawei spare parts will be tested and approved by our experts! Even when you need a new touch screen because that of your Huawei Y6 bug, we will always be there!

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