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The iPhone Xs Max is the most anticipated model of the vintage 2018. It has the same design as his brother iPhone Xs, himself a copy of the iPhone X, released for the anniversary of 10 years of the iPhone. But this is the largest screen offered b...

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...y Apple on an iPhone. While the size of the iPhone Xs Max is relatively comparable to the Plus versions of the iPhone, its OLED Super Retina HD 6.5-inch borderless screen is huge - it still sports the notch at the internal speaker and the front camera, Apple gives up the name "Plus" for the large format versions of its iPhones.In addition to its larger screen, it includes exactly the same features as the iPhone X. It is equipped with the chip A12 Bionic with 4GB of RAM and runs on the latest version of iOS, it has a dual 2x12 MP camera with telephoto combined with a TruePepth front camera of 7 MP. Of course, it is capable of shooting in 4K and slow motion in 1080p at 120 or 240i / s Its autonomy has been revised upward compared to previous generations.The Touch ID has finally disappeared to make room for the Face ID for increased security.A toy that exceeds briskly 1000 euros at its release. 'is so naturally you are looking for iPhone Xs max spare parts to retain its brilliance and eternal youth.

It's great because SOSav is here to help you find the best iPhone Xs Max parts on the market. Need to forget this crash that cracked your iPhone screen? To replace this battery that no longer charges or overheats? To give voice to your mobile become dumb? We made a drastic selection of iPhone Xs Max parts for this occasion. By passing them a battery of tests to guarantee their perfect working condition and their irreproachable quality. In addition, SOSav experts have performed repair tutorials to explain how to repair your iPhone Xs Max yourself for two to three times cheaper than going through a pro or service builder. Because breakage is not usually included in the legal warranty. But unlike urban legends, repair his iPhone is quite possible by the common man, the proof is in our tutorials illustrated and commented.

The advantage of repairing your iPhone Xs Max yourself is to save money but also a gesture for the ecology. Repairing instead of throwing away, this avoids creating unnecessary e-waste. Why change your smartphone for a simple broken screen or discharged battery? By launching into iPhone Xs Max repair you avoid falling into the trap of obsolescence programmed! You extend the life of your iPhone, knowing that generations of smartphones tend to be similar with slight changes without major revolutions. In short, at SOSav, we have given ourselves as a mission to make iPhone repair accessible to all through tutorials that accompany you in the maneuver, as well as offering quality iPhone Xs Max parts. It's up to you :)

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