iPhone Xs

Released September 21, 2018, the iPhone XS takes the torch of the iPhone X, released for the anniversary of 10 years of the iPhone. Physically, it's the exact copy of its older iPhone X released the previous year. It still sports this borderl...

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...ess screen of 5.8 "with OLED Super Retina HD technology.As well as the famous notch at the top of the screen to give way to the nearby sensors and the FaceTime card.It has the latest A12 Bionic chip generation with 4GB of RAM, it also has a double 2x 12Mpx photo sensor with telephoto lens and a 7Mpx TrueTepth FaceTime camera.This time, it is totally resistant to water and dust thanks to its certification IP68.The home and Touch ID button is definitely out of the running to make way for the Face ID.For this model, Apple takes the classic colors Gold, Sidereal Gray and Silver, with 3 capacities of 64, 256 and 512GB. microSD port on the other hand, it's the arrival of the dual SIM capability with a Nano SIM slot and e-SIM compatibility.If you gave up for this new toy, you will certainly want to keep it in perfect tat seen its price!

This is why SOSav offers quality iPhone Xs spare parts to forget all the small accidents of life. A cracked screen? A battery that overheats or no longer holds the charge? A mute speaker? Can not load your iPhone Xs? In short, little things that can ruin your life and prevent you from enjoying all the features of your iPhone ... But there is a cheaper solution: SOSav, THE iPhone repair solution. The breakage is generally not taken into account in the legal guarantee unless a sometimes very high extra cost. But with SOSav, you will see that it is possible to repair your iPhone XS yourself without breaking the bank. Even if manufacturers, including Apple, convey the idea that iPhone repair is reserved for pros, you can do it yourself! In addition to offering quality iPhone Xs parts, the SOSav experts have produced repair guides to assist you in your approach. All movements are explained precisely to show you how to change this iPhone Xs screen broken or replace this discharged battery.

The advantage of repairing your iPhone Xs yourself, is to make significant savings compared to the intervention of a pro or manufacturer's service. Why ? Because manpower is you! Repair your iPhone Xs all alone.e so it's up to three times cheaper! But it also has an ecological advantage. Repair instead of throwing! This is the mission SOSav has given itself by providing you with a turnkey iPhone Xs repair solution. You avoid falling into the vicious circle of planned obsolescence by changing from smartphone to the least bobo. You thus limit the creation of e-waste to preserve the environment. Repairing your iPhone instead of throwing it away and changing it is a reflex that you can have to act on your level. SOSav is there to help you in this way, so do not wait to jump in the water :)

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