P20 Pro

After much thought, you have chosen the Huawei P20 Pro! Indeed, its triple photo sensor with Artificial Intelligence convinced you! You want to make beautiful pictures, and with this smartphone you are sure to have the success you expect! Its hyb...

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...rid zoom x5 and its Light Fusion technology, makes you make beautiful shots, perfect, even in low light! Your phone also has an incredible range of battery life and speed, thanks to the Kirin 970 processor. The fact of having also the choice on the color of your mobile has strongly influenced you!

But as your Huawei P20 Pro is not shatter-resistant, you have already dropped it several times and the screen is all cracked ... You want to repair the broken screen of your Huawei P20 Pro, and this is possible even alone ! No need to ask a repairer or buy a new phone! At SOSav you will also find all the spare parts Huawei P20 Pro you need, whether it is tablecloths, screens, batteries ... They will all be of the same quality as the originals! If you want to repair your P20 Pro, you can do it cheaply! Our P20 Pro components are waiting for you wisely.

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