You currently have a Huawei P20, and you are not disappointed! Indeed, cheaper than the competition and yet offering almost the same quality! With his camera designed with Leica, it is equipped with an artificial intelligence that allows you to h...

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...ave beautiful shots, all the time! And Huawei's Hybrid x2 zoom lets you capture details from a distance! And its setting speed is 0.3 seconds, so you're sure not to miss anything! And this smartphone holds a battery of 3400mAh! Not to mention its full HD screen! Indeed, you do not regret your choice!

However, you are looking for spare parts Huawei P20 for the repair of your smartphone because it makes his! Indeed, the LCD screen of your phone P20 is broken, you have dead pixels on the side of your screen, ruining the beauty of your shots! So you would like to repair the P20 LCD screen, and, luckily, at SOSav we have precisely the same quality as the originals! We also have other Huawei P20 spare parts, all of good quality! Thus, you can also repair your Huawei P20 or your battery, or any other component that allows your device to work!

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