Galaxy A6

Galaxy A6

Just like the Galaxy A6, your Galaxy A6 offers a widescreen Super AMOLED screen of a very good quality, with a resolution 1480 x720 (HD +)! With the possibility to have an expandable memory card up to 256 GB! A dual SIM so you can use two account...

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...s simultaneously: professional and personal, so you do not mix the two and you miss the moment that can be very embarrassing (if you're wrong recipients for example). With a battery life that can go from 10 to 70 hours (depends on the use you make the laptop). In short, you consider your mobile as one of the best now!

And you would like it to continue, because if you are so satisfied, it would be nice to be able to stay so long! You're not the type to throw away your mobile as soon as a new one of the brand comes out, because you estimate that as long as the phone works you can always use it? It's an excellent reflex! And as we know, at SOSav, that accidents happen all the time and wear will necessarily point the tip of his nose, we offer all the spare parts Galaxy A6 that you need in this section! Whatever Galaxy A6 repair you need to do, we have everything you need on hand! Your battery does not have the same autonomy as in the first days? The screen is scratched or broken? The camera is no longer able to shoot anything? The microphone has become completely deaf ... In short, small daily inconvenience that you can overcome with the help of our technicians.

In addition to having selected the best Galaxy A6 spare parts on the market, our experts share with you all their experience in smartphone repair. Free advice and guides to assist you in your process. You therefore save a passage by the after-sales service, a saving of time and money since the breakage is not generally included in the legal warranty. And repair its Galaxy A6 is also an ecological action. How? By not throwing a phone still functional for a simple broken screen or a discharged battery! In short, you know what you have to do :)

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