Galaxy A6+

Galaxy A6+

Your Samsung Galaxy A6 + is your little gem? You bring it everywhere with you because you are certain.e to have the most beautiful shots thanks to this device? Indeed, with its 24 MP camera, and its f / 1.9 aperture, your photos remain bright and...

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... are of a breathtaking quality, both day and night! Its panoramic Super AMOLED screen promises an immersive visual experience. And you also store all your memories with its expandable microSD of up to 256GB! This allows you to take all your documents, videos, photos, movies everywhere with you! And your life is healthier since you use the Samsung Health app ?!

Indeed, it really shows that you love your smartphone and you do not regret this purchase! And you would like that all this quality remains the same, despite the time that passes! Yes but here, unfortunately, everything wears out! And then you will have to fix some components of your laptop, little by little ... But that's why it's good to know that if you have a problem with your phone, SOSav will always volunteer for you help! Indeed, thanks to our wide panel of spare parts Galaxy A6 +, you will have the possibility to overcome all the little worries! A battery that no longer charges? A screen that does not display anything? A torn sheet? SOSav to the rescue! Our experts also share all their know-how with you in order to accompany you in your repair Galaxy A6 + from A to Z. In short, you will be able to forget all the little bobos of the everyday thanks to the experience of our technicians :)

Knowing that repairing your Galaxy A6 + yourself is economical since it costs up to three times less than going through a professional. Why ? Simply because manpower is you! You do not have to pay to a smartphone repairer :) Moreover, having the reflex to repair your phone instead of throwing it, it is also a gesture for the planet! How? Because you do not participate in the creation of e-waste for a simple broken screen. You do not fall into the trap of programmed obsolescence! In short, now that you have all the spare parts Galaxy A6 + quality on hand, it's up to you!

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