French company created in 2011, Wiko works in partnership with China to produce quality smartphones at low prices. You will have the opportunity to refurbish your phone with our Wiko spare parts available for most generations of Wiko. Moreover, SO...

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...Sav is proud to present itself as a partner of Wiko by offering you many Wiko spare parts official: screen, battery, antenna, speaker, vibrator, etc.

So you are certain of the quality of all Wiko components that we offer in our shop. You will not see the same opportunity that repair his Wiko is very simple and much cheaper than buying a phone at the slightest bobo. Because, most often, breakdowns can be solved by simply taking a few minutes of his time. And yes, at SOSav, we wanted to democratize the Wiko repair to make you save money, since repairing his Wiko yourself is up to three times cheaper than going through a professional, but also so that you can make a gesture for the planet. It is by working together that we can protect our environment. How? The Wiko repair means that you do not throw your mobile still functional, for a simple broken screen, touch problem or battery discharged! You do not participate in the creation of e-waste unnecessarily, it's good news is not it?

And to help you in your approach, the SOSav team will explain how to repair your Wiko through repair guides illustrated and commented. Hundreds of tutorials that reveal how to disassemble and repair your Wiko yourself through detailed steps in photos and comments by our technicians. Completely free tutorials at your disposal! Not to mention our team that is always ready to answer your doubts by email, forum or on social networks! And yes, SOSav is not only Wiko spare parts of quality, it's also pro tips to help you!

We took the opportunity to select Wiko accessories to dress your mobile and protect it from the hazards of everyday life. So you have everything you need to keep your Wiko at your side as long as possible and re-establish your Wiko Wim, View, U Feel, Fever, Higwhay, Rainbow, Ozzy, Peax, Darkside or the last born Darkmoon and many more!

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