iMac 24"

The iMac 24 "is a compromise between size and power, it does not lose any of its capabilities with a beautiful screen of 24" which offers a clear and colorful display. It takes the foundations of its big brother 27 ", with clean al...

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...uminum lines and a screen concentrating all the components to make it a real war machine.Warded for its strength and reliability, it may encounter difficulties over years Thanks to, you will be able to put back your iMac 24 "for two or three times cheaper than a visit to the manufacturer through quality spare parts, which have been tested by our technicians in France. . Thus, you are assured of a perfect working condition and quality worthy of Apple. You can also count on our repair kits including the right tools for safe disassembly of the iMac. In addition, you will find complete guides illustrating each step of the dismantling.

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