iBook 12"

This iBook G3 12 "is a compact, ultra-mobile model with performance that has appealed to both pro and home users, and features a 12.1" display with a 1024 x 768-pixel display. integrates a PowerPC G3 processor with 128 MB or 256 MB RAM ...

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...expandable up to 640 MB RAM (by adding a 512 MB So-Dimm bar). It has a hard drive Ultra ATA 20 GB or 30 GB. With SoSav.fr, you will discover high quality spare parts to give a second life to your iBook without having to ruin at the manufacturer or a repairer. Similarly, with our repair kits that will allow you to easily troubleshoot your computer.

Models: M8597LL / A, M8598LL / A *

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