PowerBook G4 12"

Appeared in 2003, the PowerBook G4 12 "offers a 12" screen with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, with a professional grade anodized aluminum design. It has a PowerPC processor clocked at 867 MHz and 1.5 Ghz with 256 or 512 MB RAM expa...

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...ndable to 1 GB for more responsiveness. It is the first ultra portable computer from Apple and you can now boost its capabilities since it is renowned for extreme longevity. Thanks to SoSav.fr, you will find repair kits and spare parts of high quality to give it a second youth in order to continue to use it and not lose your files. Models: M9007LL / A *, M9183LL / A *, M9183LL / A *

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