PowerBook G4 15"

The PowerBook G4 15 "has an anodized aluminum design for great elegance and incredible finesse at its release in 2003. It offers a 15.2" screen for a display up to 1440 x 960 pixels with a PowerPC processor 7447 clocked at 1 or 1.67 Ghz...

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... and 256 or 512 MB RAM expandable to 2 GB. Ultra portable and powerful, it promises a range of 4 or 5 hours to follow you in all your travels. If it has been brave for many years, do not let it down by replacing faulty components or boosting its capabilities to continue using it. Thanks to SoSav.fr, you can upgrade your PowerBook at low cost by discovering our range of repair kits and our high quality spare parts. Models: M8980LL / A, M8981LL / A, M9422LL / A, M9676LL / A, M9969LL / A

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