MacBook Air 13"

The 13 "MacBook Air has quickly found its place among nomadic users with its light weight and compact dimensions that allow it to be carried everywhere with you.It appeared in 2008, its 13" screen has grown from 1280 x 800 pixels to 144...

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...0 x 900 pixels for a bright and colorful display with an even more powerful processor. Here you will find an overview of all existing models as well as spare parts for repairing your computer yourself if there is a problem. Whether it is a broken screen, an insufficient memory module or a hard drive that lacks space. Each piece is tested by our experts to ensure their perfect operation and impeccable quality. Also, check out our repair kits that will make it easy for you to change a faulty component with included tools to maneuver with delicacy. Update your computer without breaking the bank by going through the manufacturer.

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