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The Nintendo Switch was released in March 2017 and has phenomenal sales. She takes over the Wii U who failed to find his audience. It is with the Switch that Nintendo returns to success on the range of home consoles (and semi portable), dreaming ...

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...of matching the Nintendo Wii in time. Its strength lies in its modularity, which allows to play on TV but also on its screen without having to stay close to its base, unlike the Wii U. It is therefore possible to finish his part in the train, by car (passenger well sure!) or everywhere. It is equipped with a 6.2 "IPS touchscreen that can be clipped on the Joycon to become a portable console, with an Octo-core processor with 4G of RAM and 32GB of internal storage expandable up to 2 To by microSDXC It can read the game cards or in dematerialized format and its autonomy allows to play between 3 and 6. So if you are looking for Nintendo Switch spare parts, you have found the best place! SOSav offers screens, batteries, speakers, joysticks and other components to bring your console back to life, follow the advice of our technicians through our repair guides and choose the Switch parts you need to continue play cheaply!

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