MacBook Pro 15" Mi 2010

The MacBook Pro 15 "Mi 2010 extends the trend of performance with mobility initiated by Apple with its bright screen 15.4" for clear and precise display and a hard disk of 500 GB turning up to 5400 revolutions per minute for fast access to your da...

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...ta, as well as a 2x2 GB RAM for smooth management of your applications. 3 models stand out with their i5 2.4 Ghz processor, an i5 of 2.53 Ghz and an i7 of 2.66 Ghz. If you've been faithful to it for many years, take care of it and do not hesitate to replace a defective component or boost its capacity by adding RAM, a more powerful hard drive, etc., thanks to our high quality spare parts, tested by our experts. Models: MC371xx / A, MC372xx / A, MC373xx / A / MacBookPro6,2

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