Wiko Harry 4G

The Wiko Harry, released in 2017, is an entry-level smartphone with features strong enough to stay connected wherever you go! It is equipped with a 5 "HD screen carried by a quad-core processor with 3 GB of RAM running perfectly Android 7.0 ...

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...Nougat and all its applications.By continuing to follow you in all your adventures, his screen has cracked The touch is no longer answer The autonomy is catastrophic and does not hold the day Its hull is cracked In short, you need SOSav to solve all these small worries You will find all the Wiko Harry spare parts on our shop so to give a second life to your phone because yes, you will see that repair his Wiko is quite possible and it is up to three times cheaper than going through a professional! Just dare to get started in the adventure to save money and make a move for the planet by not throwing away a still functional phone So you have chosen the Wiko Harry spare parts you need? Perfect! You know what you have to do now :)

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