OnePlus X

Released in 2015, the OnePlus X confirms the position of OnePlus among the manufacturers of high-end smartphones. This OnePlus X has a 5 "Full HD AMOLED display, powered by a Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor with 3GB of RAM, to get Android...

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... and all its apps to run perfectly, while on the photo side it has a 13MP main sensor accompanied by an 8MP front camera to illustrate your everyday life through quality shots You love your smartphone and it never loose you? You may need these spare parts OnePlus X to remedy small accidents life...

A fall on the stairs? A dip in the pool? A scratched screen on the bitumen? A battery that no longer holds the charge? It happens even to the best but there is a solution to all the problems! SOSav's mission is to help you refurbish your phone by offering you quality OnePlus X spare parts to help you with all your little problems. Our experts deliver all the necessary advice to repair your OnePlus X yourself at a price up to three times cheaper than going through a professional. An economy and an ecological gesture since you do not throw a still functional device!

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