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Problems using your tablet? It is no longer detected by your computer? Buttons do not respond properly? These are obviously a shot of your iPad Mini tablecloths! Tablecloths are the connection between some components of the iPad with the motherbo...

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...ard. This goes from the charging connector to the home button tablecloth for example! Because when a button does not work properly, it is usually the iPad Mini tablecloth that is defective. This tablecloth slides under the button and it recreates the pressure effect when there is a support, it then transmits the information to the motherboard to activate the function. In short, iPad mini tablecloths are essential for the smooth operation of the tablet so do not wait any longer to opt for the solution SOSav. Especially since our technicians have prepared repair guides to explain all the steps to follow to repair your tablet all alone and at a lower cost.

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