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Your iPad Pro lacks a little energy during the day which is always a little too long for him? No problem ! If your tablet refuses to charge, your iPad goes off for no reason in full use or if the battery no longer holds the load, then you have th...

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...e good reflex to go through SOSav! Our technicians have selected quality iPad Pro batteries to give you all your freedom to use your tablet at home, transport to work or school if needed!

In short, you will not have to scrutinize anxiously the percentages of battery that always fly a little too fast during the day since you have the opportunity to replace the iPad Pro battery yourself at a rate up to three times cheaper than going through the after-sales service. You will save money and a gesture for the planet by not throwing a tablet still functional! And our experts will accompany you throughout the repair since you will find repair guides explaining all the steps to follow to change the iPad Pro battery alone!

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