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The screen of a smartphone, including the screen of the iPhone 6, is exposed to all dangers on a daily basis! So if it happened misfortune to your iPhone 6, you are probably looking for screens iPhone 6 to solve all these little worries! Whether i...

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...t's a broken, cracked screen, a display problem, a black iPhone 6 LCD, a broken iPhone 6 glass or a touch defect, you can forget all these little hassles thanks to our tested and selected iPhone 6 iPhone screens. carefully by SOSav experts! Whether it's a black screen or a white screen on your phone, a single screen or a screen assembled, you will have the opportunity to restore color to your iPhone by simply taking a few minutes of your time. Changing your iPhone 6 screen takes from 15 to 50 minutes depending on the model chosen, but in all cases you are up to three times cheaper than going through a professional! Especially since our technicians have made repair guides for iPhone 6 screen illustrated and commented to explain all the maneuvers to follow to find an iPhone 6 like new! An economic and ecological gesture since it is better to repair its iPhone 6 still functional instead of throwing it at the risk of creating e-waste.

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