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Do you have problems with iPhone 6S tablecloths? The power button does not respond anymore? Can not mount the sound? The home button does not turn on anymore? So many worries that are not related to the buttons themselves but to the tablecloths j...

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...ust below! These iPhone 6S tablecloths are used to create this pressure effect when there is a press on the button in question, they then transmit the information to the motherboard. This can also be layers comprising several components such as the load connector for example which plugs into a connector on the motherboard. In short, if one or more iPhone 6S tablecloths are a problem, you are in the right place! SOSav experts have selected the best iPhone 6S parts on the market to allow you to repair your iPhone in the best possible conditions. Moreover, iPhone 6S repair will be child's play for you since our technicians have produced detailed and illustrated guides to accompany you during the maneuver.

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