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You like your computer that accompanies you for a while now? Do not want to separate you for a simple lack of autonomy? If you have to plug it in to use it, maybe it's time to consider changing its battery! And to do this, SOSav has selected ...

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...the best PC batteries on the market! Whether you're a fan of the compact 13 ", classic 15" or large 17 "models, you'll find the PC batteries you need here.

SOSav experts offer a wide range of laptop batteries to meet all your needs, regardless of the model or brand of your PC, from Dell to Asus to HP, Acer or Lenovo. Just find the PC battery reference you need to regain your freedom to use your computer anywhere and anytime! A real way to extend the life of your computer at low cost! The PC battery is the component that wears the fastest in a computer because it is requested for each use and its cells lose capacity each time.

But thanks to SOSav, this phenomenon is no longer inevitable, especially if your PC works perfectly except for this little concern for charge and autonomy. A good way to save several hundred euros in the purchase of a new computer, by repairing your PC yourself on the advice of our technicians. The bonus? Repairing your PC instead of throwing it away is also a way to combat planned obsolescence and e-waste, so do not wait any longer to get started by changing your PC battery yourself!

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