Huawei is a Chinese company founded in 1988 in Shenzhen and quickly becomes a key player in mobile telephony. Leader in China, the brand is exported to more than 140 countries with these devices including smartphones, the range Honor, Mate or Asc...

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...end allowing it to grow worldwide in a few years. So if you're a fan of your Huawei smartphone, pay tribute to it with SOSav, the low-cost mobile repair solution.

Our technicians are on the quest for the best Huawei spare parts in the market to allow you to repair your phone yourself. Whether it's a broken screen, an empty battery or any other problem, our experts offer you all the Huawei components you need to forget all these little hassles. And this, for the range Honor, the range Mate, P or all Ascend. A wide choice of Huawei spare parts to allow you to take action yourself in a professional or after-sales service with huge delays and prohibitive tariffs out of warranty.

The mission of SOSav is truly to prove to you that repairing your smartphone is within everyone's reach! In addition to offering Huawei spare parts of quality, even official, our experts have concocted free repair guides and at your disposal to explain how to replace a broken screen, a battery that discharges too quickly and overcome all the other little worries of everyday life. In short, we give you all the necessary advice to start Huawei repair on your own. Still think that fixing your phone is too complicated for you? You'll change your mind by looking at all the detailed steps in our illustrated and commented tutorials.

The interest to take the plunge and make his Huawei repair yourself? Save money ! Repairing your phone instead of changing it or throwing it away is saving up to three times the price of a professional intervention. But it is also to avoid waste and e-waste by not throwing a still functional device, because a simple broken screen changes quickly! Just as a problem of autonomy or loudspeaker can be solved in just a few minutes with a little patience.

In short, you can no longer say that you were not aware since SOSav provides you with Huawei spare parts of high quality and provide you with all the necessary advice through detailed repair guides.

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