Discover our spare parts, repair kits and accessories available for the HTC One. Bring new life to your HTC One M7 with our spare parts of the same quality as the original spare parts of your HTC One. Coupled with our repair guides, these spare p...

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...arts will allow you to repair easily and quickly your fallen HTC One. And above all, for two to three times less than at a repairer! In the section, HTC One repair kits, you will find in addition to the spare parts all the tools (selected by our technicians) that will allow you to carry out your repairs. Our accessories for HTC One will allow you to make the most of this beautiful smartphone and also to protect it effectively (protective films, shells, chargers ...). Because your HTC One has value, do not let it age unnecessarily in a drawer because of a minor failure. Repair it with our spare parts and repair kits for HTC One.

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