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Released on the 31st of March 2016, Apple took with the iPhone SE a good dip into the universe of the 4" smartphones after the highly noticed release of the iPhone 6 and 6S ranges to please the fans of small phones without sacrific...

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...ing power. Aesthetically, it is similar to an iPhone 5S but has similar features than the iPhone 6S with an A9 chip to the exception of the 3D Touch. None of these components are compatible with each other since the iPhone SE spare parts are unique. But SOSAV has all the iPhone's spare parts needed to restore it should an accident happen!

 If you are looking for an iPhone SE battery, wish to replace a broken screen or to solve a charging problem, you’ll find everything you need in our iPhone SE spare parts section. Our experts make a point of selecting the best for you and your smartphone so that your make the repair of your iPhone SE in good conditions. You can also opt for our repair kits which include all the necessary elements to dismantle your phone. These kits are lining up the suitable tools as well as the iPhone SE spare parts such as the screen, battery or buttons. You have everything at hand to offer a second breath to your iPhone.

 Like for every new toy, be equipped with the best iPhone SE accessories whether it is a charger or headphones, a case or a protective film. Our engineers also have prepared our usual free repair guides to help you get started with your iPhone SE repair. It’ll show you how to disassemble and change the defective parts yourself at a low cost through illustrated and commented steps. You have everything at hand and especially the best advice from pros with the best iPhone spare parts available on the market. Now it's up to you!

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