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The iPhone is a small revolution in the world of telephony since Apple has succeeded in their the bet to impose what will become unavoidable in the following years: the touch screen smartphone. The iPhone appears on June 29, 2007 a...

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...nd was equipped with a 3.5" touch screen allowing to call, send SMS and MMS but also to surf on the Internet via Safari, download thousands of applications on the App Store and is featuring the iOS operating system. It also came with iTunes.

If this first antique model became the landmark we know today it must encounter nowadays some major issues. If you are the proud owner of one of this venerable machines, do not hesitate to pay homage to him by rectifying any small breakdowns with our quality spare parts. You’ll find as well our repair kits including the tools needed for its repair. Just take a look at our selection of accessories to protect it and still take advantage of its full capabilities. Give it a rejuvenating pass without ruining you with SOSav!

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