The LG G4, the brand's latest high-end smartphone released in 2015 with a large 5.5 "IPS qHD display coupled to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor hex processor with 3GB of RAM and expandable 32GB storage memory 128 GB via Micro SD Perf...

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...ormance features in addition to excellent connectivity thanks to the NFC network and its 4G LTE compatibility, and its elegant and lightweight design with a faux leather shell for beautiful finishes.

In short, a little toy that no longer leaves you but has encountered some accidents ... But SOSav is here to help you! Our experts have selected the best spare parts on the market, so you can repair your LG G4 yourself for less. No need to go through the after-sales service to replace a broken screen, a battery that no longer charges or a touch that no longer responds.

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