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Need an operational smartphone at a low price? This section is made for that! Whether to make a gift or to replace your irreparable phone, you are right to give a second chance to a refurbished smartphone. The advantage? It's undeniably the price!...

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... You enjoy the latest features of recent reconditioned smartphones at a much lower price than the same in new. Why buy a new phone when you have the option to opt for one of our reconditioned smartphones? You make a gesture for your wallet but also for the planet by not buying the last mobile of your favorite brand: be it Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Sony, Honor, etc.

SOSav experts have refurbished, with premium quality parts, these reconditioned smartphones in perfect working order. You will find 3 different grades depending on the state of wear, since, remember, they had a life before you. This is no less than refurbished smartphones of first choice! The OR grade means that the phone is intact and almost like new, while SILVER will see some slight signs of wear and BRONZE small visible impacts due to heavy use. But all are absolutely functional and unlocked any operator. Our refurbished smartphones are directly ready for use, you just have to put your SIM card in it in order to benefit from all its features!

Opting for a reconditioned smartphone as a gift or as a new phone is THE good idea. Not only are you happy or fun, but you avoid falling into the trap of planned obsolescence. If you have tried everything but your phone can not be repaired, the motherboard is definitely HS, it took water or other, you have the right to stay connected by taking advantage of the latest news: our reconditioned smartphones are perfect for you! You give a second chance to a mobile that works perfectly and has had the privilege of passing through the expert hands of SOSav technicians. You do not participate in the race for performance launched by manufacturers, but you have the pleasure of using reconditioned smartphones recent or very recent at low cost.

All our refurbished smartphones are fully functional and supplied with all their accessories (headphones and chargers) and their boxes. So, you chose your new toy?

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