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With the iPhone 6S Apple takes the main characteristics that has made the success of the iPhone 6 and embellished his toy with a few small improvements. In short if the design remains unchanged the camera is upgraded to delight the...

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... photography aficionados. The processor as well places itself a notch above its predecessor. With its 4.7" Retina display it delivers brilliant colors and unparalleled responsiveness with a perfect iOS optimization. In short, Apple doesn’t change a recipe that works and simply offers a high-end smartphone that rectifies the small glitches of its big brother. But despite a similar design the iPhone 6S spare parts are not compatible with the iPhone 6.

That's why the experts from SOSav have been on the outlook to find the best iPhone 6S spare parts and give you your smartphone back! Whether you need to change a broken screen, a battery that no longer charges, a mute speaker or a camera that can no longer see you will find all the iPhone 6S spare parts you need to overcome the hurdles of everyday’s life! For easier troubleshooting we also provide repair kits with all the required elements to refurbish your smartphone. You’ll find here the right tools to disassemble your phone as well as high quality iPhone 6S components, such as a screens, batteries and buttons.

If you want to keep taking full advantage of all your mobile phone’s features we have also selected iPhone 6S accessories: protective films, cases or useful standard accessories for your daily use: chargers, headphones or Bluetooth speakers. Just pick from the list. your iPhone 6S is still worth something and we want to support you with our know-how so that you can refurbish it. Our tech-savvy engineers have created free illustrated and commented repair guides to take you through the troubleshooting. Repairing your iPhone 6S yourself is now a breeze and you can save up to three times what you’d pay with a professional repairer.

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