Leader in the smartphone market, Samsung rushes into the touch pad market in 2010 with its Galaxy Tab, offering a screen of 7 "or more and running on Android.Since, the brand has declined over several generations and diversif...

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...ying its range via Galaxy Note tablets for example.And if the tablet market are running out of steam in recent years, Samsung has been able to get a good share of the cake! So if you use your Galaxy Tab in all circumstances, for the job , to watch movies, to play with children or your little brother.soeur (or you alone.e!) and for a lot of other things, you will probably need our Samsung parts one day to give your tablet a little makeover The tumultuous life of your tablet can continue without fear of being unable to revive it with SOSav!

Our team is leading the fight against planned obsolescence and against the small hazards of everyday life! Because even if the manufacturers make you believe that it is impossible to repair his Galaxy Tab, you now know that it's wrong! And it would be a shame not to enjoy all the capabilities of your tablet for fear of damaging it ... Because SOSav offers a wide range of Samsung parts to remedy all the little sores everyday. All you have to do is browse through our selection of Galaxy Tab spare parts to overcome any small issues that may arise over time: a broken screen to replace, a touch that does not respond, an antenna that no longer captures WiFi or a battery that no longer holds the charge.

SOSav is the mobile repair solution and our reputation is now ahead of us. We are proud of it and that's why we strive to offer you the best Samsung parts in the market or even official parts to put your tablet back in optimal conditions. Our experts have not hesitated either to share all their know-how with you through many repair guides. In these tutorials, each step of the disassembly is explained to you in detail with pictures and comments. The Galaxy Tab repair will have no secrets for you!

Do not forget to take a look at our Samsung accessories to protect your tablet from everyday hazards (or the assault of the youngest!) And to take full advantage of all its features. And if, despite effective protection, you must go through the repair box, you now know that it is possible to repair his Galaxy Tab yourself. The advantage? A real saving compared to a repairer pro or the service contractors since it will cost you two to three times less, but it is also a gesture for the planet! This is another facet that is important to us, it is to preserve the best our planet by not creating unnecessary e-waste by throwing your tablet still functional, for a simple screen to change for example!

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